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Notification navigation

I need help…I am trying to make a workflow…I want when a notification is clicked in the notification repeating group that the user is taken to the page of the notification and the specific element in the repeating group on said page is show.

Let me understand your situation a little, there is a data type called notification which is the type of content of a RG (repeating group) that disply the notifications and located somewhere in the page, and there is another page contain another RG also to display the notifications, and when the user click on the notification in the first RG in the first page you want him to navigate to the second page and automatically scroll to the relevant notification in the second RG, am I understand you?

Exactly… page A contains notification for example “Ben commented on your post” .page B contains Rp group with posts and comments

when clicking on the notification in page A, you will use go to page action, in the dialog of this action you can determine the comment you want to scrol to in data to send input or by send more parameters to the page.

In page B you may use when page is loded event with the scrol to entry action, the dialog of this action contian entry to scroll to input in which you will use get data from page url to get the comments that will be scrolled to.

Doing this requires learning apout sending data between pages, you will found a good information in bubbles reference and google

i think i did it right but it doesn’t seem to work…i have sccreen shots attached.if you need anymore details please let me know

The destination page type should be notification. Send the notification to that page. This is basic Bubble stuff. Go do the Bubble Lessons.

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According to
The videos I have watched once you’re getting data from page url then the source page and destination page doesn’t need to have the same data… so the page a which contains the notification(A comment)…should be able to send data to show comment on the page which contains the post and the comment…based on the information set in the send page perimeter data option

Set up your data type of Notification. Setup a an Option Set of Notification Type. On the Notification data type have a field for Option Notification Type.

In a repeating group have data type be Notification (data type not the option set), then when the notification is clicked run the navigation workflow go to page, and use conditionals on these to understand which page the user should be sent to based on the Notification Option Notification Type.

For example, have a notification type of new message, you should have a go to page workflow action for go to page Inbox (at least that is what I call my inbox page) with a condition on that action only if current cell’s Notification Option Notification Type is ‘new message’. You can do this for however many notification types you want to have and pages they are supposed to get sent to.

Then when you do the go to page action also send the correct data…not every time would data need to be sent, but depends on the page you send them to. For example, my Inbox page has no data type set. Instead I use URL parameters of Conversation to know which conversation to show. When I would have a notification of new message I would send the user to Inbox with URL parameter of conversation set to the unique ID of the conversation (data type)…I also have workflows to scroll to new message when it opens.

You can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want with a notification system. The more sophisticated the more you need to think through what needs to happen on the page to show the correct data based on the notification.

Another example, my new booking notification will show only the new booking once user is navigated to the booking page…for me, I just need to set the datasource on the repeating group conditionally to take the URL parameter of booking to show only that booking in the RG…on my notifications for my Forum, I have notifications for new question or new reply etc…that gets more complicated on page because I have to scroll to specific entry in a repeating group as well as expand that if it is a reply…requires a bit of thought and planning, but simple enough…What helped me with that is just looking at what Youtube did.

The data you have to send is the thing you want to the page to scroll to, it can be the post that get a comment or the comment itself, this mean that there is a post data type and a comment datat type, the notification data type contains filed of type post for the post that get the comment and a field of type comment for the comment itself. So the “data to send” input will contain current cell's notification's post or current cell's notification's comment.

In the second page you have to use scrol to entry action, in this action you will select the RG that contains the entry you want the page to scroll to, and you will define the entry (post or comment) that will be scrolled to by using get data from page url.