Navigation - 'data to send' Issue

I want to navigate the user on a page that has the ‘type of content’, so in the navigating action I have to send data to the page. If I’d leave it empty, the issue will remain in the issue inspector, what prevents me from deploying to live.

I thought about a different solution for a data source for the elements on the group; instead of ‘current pages thing’ doing a ‘search for’ but it returns as a list, and I don’t want to make it :first item.

Please let me know if you have any ideas, thank you.

Assuming the URL is id

You can use “Get data from URL” with type being the data type you were sending. Doesn’t currently work when it is a slug.

Hopefully that works

Unfortunately it doesn’t or I don’t fully understand it. You mean that I could send data from this page url to another?

Hey @rainskiv here is a cool tutorial video series from @TipLister. You might watch series to understand capabilities of sending data. I hope it helps to you :slight_smile:

Thank you, but I know in general how sending data works. The problem is that I want ONLY TO NAVIGATE to the page that has a ‘type of content’ and in this case Bubble wants me to send data to this page, and I don’t know what should I do in order for this to not cause any issues later on the page I’m trying to navigate to. The best thing would be to not send any data but it’s not possible. Check out this screenshot. Thanks.

If you must structure your app in this way (what’s your use case out of curiosity?) then you can work around it by sending a dummy record so it passes the check. See here:

Simple solution so you don’t need to really learn hot to send data as it seems you don’t want to learn more than what limited amount you know would be to remove the content type from the page you navigate to so that you are not required to send data.

Okay, so the question now is; is it possible to sand data to the group on a different page? I deleted the pages ‘type of content’ so I can normally navigate between pages but in some cases I wanted to send data to this page so now instead of sending data to this page I’d like to send it to the group on this page. Can I do it maybe via custom states or something? Thanks

Yes it’s possible. Query parameters are your friend:

That’s how I solved it.

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