Tricky sending data from one page to another

I have a page1 with repeating group that sends data to page2 when I navigate to it.
The type of content of page2 is ‘Riskdescription’

On page2 I have fields to make a ‘RiskPlan’

I have now made a page3 with another repeating group
Data is a list of ‘RiskPlan’.

My trouble now is to navigate to page2 sending data about the current cells ‘RiskPlan’ I click on, but the content type of page2 is ‘Riskdescription’

How can I send the right data?

Change the data type of page 3?

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The Data type of page 3 is ‘Riskdescription’ same as the page type of page 2.
I use this to set one of the texts in the repeating group on page 3. The repeating group it self on page 3 is type ‘RiskPlan’

See if the following steps makes sense to you

  1. When someone clicks on riskplan, Send the Unique Id or Riskplan name of the current cell to the next page using the URL parameter
  2. In the second page, create a hidden group of the risk plan and use the url parameter to filter the risk plan selected
  3. Use the Hidden Risk plan group for whatever operation you want to do.
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Not quite sure about your fist point. Can you elaborate on it?
I tried messing around but not quite found it. The data that bubble wants to send is Riskplan and the page content of page 2 is riskdescription.

I tried making a search for finding the riskdescription relevant for the riskplan cell but I am not having succes.

Just to check,Does your RiskDescription table have any Riskplan attributes connected to it?

I think the answe is yes…
In my page 3, The repeating group is a list of all RiskPlans in the thing call RiskPlan.
One of the texts in the repeating group is getting the texts from the Riskdescription-thing (RiskEvent).
Page 2 is a page an input page where the user can write and make changes to the RiskPlan.
Page 2 originally gets data from page 1, thats is a list of RiskEvents, and the user can make new RiskEvents.

From page 1 the user can click “See Plan” for each RiskEvent. When doing this, the RiskPlan-thing is created if it dosn’t already excist and then navigates user to page 2.
The uniqueID of each row/item from RiskDescription is copied to the field RiskEventID in RiskPlan-thing, to have a relationship between the two.

Is it better to just have 1 table instead of two? I have spend two days trying to solve it. I was thinking two tables was more efficient because not all RiskEvents have a RiskPlan.

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