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Notifications for new followers

Hey all -

Something kind of weird here…

Need to show the last 5 new followers someone gets. Followers are added via two lists for each data type “User.” (Followers and Following). When you follow someone, you get added to the “Following” list. When someone follows you, they get added to the “Followers” list.

The issue is that I can’t filter by “Created date” and then “items until #5” because it will show the 5 users who created their account most recently, not the 5 who were added to the list “Followers” most recently.

What’s the easiest way to go about this?


Add a “Followed Date” field

I considered adding it as a data type, but I think you’re right in adding it as a field. But how do I connect each follow with a “Date added” ? That’s where I’m stuck.

Ok here’s an alternative way. Create a list for “last five followers” under a user. Any time a new follower is added, if :count > 5, remove the :first item from the last five followers and add the new follower to that list.