Notion API Call


I would like to use Notion API Call (Retrieve block children).

I succeeded in retrieving all the textual content of my page, but it was impossible for me to style some complex elements.

Let me explain:
To style headings, blocks etc, I use conditions

when Current cell’s Retrieve block children result’s heading_1 text:count > 0

Then I activate a condition (like on the picture)

I have to repeat this for all types of blocks on notion.

But what I can’t do is to style 2-3 words in bold, italic, color etc. or mix the different styles together.

Each time, it displays all the content of the block in bold/italic etc…

Has anyone tried the notion API?

Hi Tom, I built a mini generator that does full API calls to retrieve whole notion pages and embed them on your site, not exactly what you were looking for but maybe help here -


Hi Joel,

Do you plan to provide API call ?

I’m very interested by your service but i need to embed dynamically.

Thanks for your answer !

Hi Tom, sure thing - do you want to send me an email over to with a bit more info about your setup - I’m opening up API access this week :slight_smile:

I was looking at doing the same. How long did you wait before your public integration was approved? I really like embednotion.

NVM. I just did it again and was approved instantly. Thanks!