(New Plugin) EditorJS Notion like editor with AI

Hello fellow Bubblers,

We have launched a Notion like editor with AI integration - WGD Editor with AI. You can use it with any AI, in our example we set it up with WriteSonic and OpenAI.

The unique aspects of this Plugin,

  • AI integration
  • Customisable Blocks in Editor Picker
  • Save each block or list of blocks, useful if you want to mix content from different documents
  • Customise colours of Block Picker
  • Drag and Drop and Undo



Customise Blocks:

Plugin WGD Editor with AI

Optional AI Plugins
WriteSonic AI
Open AI

Overview Video:

List of Events and Actions:

Editor Block Actions

  • Text
  • AI Tool
  • Alert
  • Button
  • Attachment
  • Checklist
  • Delimiter
  • Heading
  • List
  • Image
  • Quote
  • Raw HTML
  • Table
  • Warning
  • Toggle
  • Columns

If you think we are missing anything, please let us know at support@wegetdesign.com


Nice work on this, @WGDPluginTeam :+1:

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I would want to buy this plugin.

But are you able to add a feature so that it reads the above text where the cursor position is?
and also an insert text at cursor position feature? Preferably with type writer animation (Optional)

Are you able to do it?

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Nice work! I have a couple of questions:

Are you able to inject AI written content into block sections?

Can you setup the streaming functionality to reduce the time it takes to process the API call?

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Hello @rccanlas2 , I would recommend that you email admin@wegetdesign.com, with your plugin requests, and we can look into this for you.

Hello @Stackapp

Just to follow up your question, re speed of AI. The AI request is separate from the EditorJS plugin. Allowing you to use whatever service you like and inject the output text via the editor. Basically you control the AI bit, be it WriteSonic, ChatGPT or any other.

See how we set the demo up:

Thank you so much for this video. This is very helpful.

I wanted to show you the difference between streaming the results from OpenAI’s GPT API and not streaming. Hopefully this will help everyone understand what this means. In summary, the information is populated as it is generated which speeds up the time the end user receives the information. When the information is not streamed, there is a delay in receiving the data (It can take some time depending on the amount of data being sent). In general streaming creates a better UX for the end user.


Not Streaming

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Hi, I sent a message again regarding the feature request

Thank you - we did receive, we have placed this in our roadmap.

Currently we are focusing on Streaming Response, once done we will take another review at the roadmap.

That’s a nice plugin.
I was about to build one Editor JS on my own, but just found this one that might suit my needs and speed up development.

Btw. Any chance I can get a subscription / monthly use? I would need to test it before buying the perpetual license.

Couple of questions.

  1. Does it supports multi language for the interface (block types descriptions, etc)? How would it work? Looking to have Portuguese (PT-BR) interface.
  2. When should we expect to have streamed responses from AI?
  3. Can I trigger auto save events instead of manually triggering the save workflow?

I can move on with this if we doesn’t support multi language, however without streamed response the user experience would be terrible… So might not work.

Hi Semorganti,
It does not support Multilanguage, streaming is being release via our OpenAI plugin later this week and we will look to implement it to the Editor JS plugin and for the trigger I don’t believe it can be, but we will add this to the pipeline also.
If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Great plugin! It would be even better if it supported multiple languages. Thank you!

I would buy that plugin. But it still has some bugs.

For example.

Whenever I create a “toogle” and type its title, when I press enter, the cursor goes back to the beginning of the line, and no, it goes down so that I continue writing inside the cursor. Finally, I can’t insert a toogle inside another. If I press “>” inside a text that is being written already inside a first toogle, it creates another one outside, and breaks all my text.

When typing “1. 2.” it also doesn’t recognize that this is a list. I always need to select the “list” option for this.

Thanks for highlighting these bugs, we will work on them and update you when they have been fixed.

Any way to customise the AI button?

And i’m trying to copy from the content of within the editor but each way I’ve tried it’s copy is Null.

Any tips?

Hey @WGDPluginTeam,
Is the page-editor working?
Page-editor: WGD Plugins | Bubble Editor
I’m trying to test the plugin cause this may be what I need but it doesn’t let me “preview” to test it.
Thanks in advance!

Hey @joaquintorroba here is the link to the page at the moment it points to a reusable element

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