In app notification // Pull notification


SO far, I built the system to send emails to users and they can setup their preferences. (yes/no receive email or not)
Now, I am looking to build an app notification for my web abb.

can somebody help me ?


Well, Be prepared to read … a bit of info :):

And more specifically:

I have these bookmarked because at one point in time I do want to add Push notifications, but since it looks pretty heavy I have pushed it to the back of the row for now, so I can’t help you with firsthand info.

Good luck with it and please let us know if you succeeded!

That last thread is just so polluted and convoluted now. Some good soul needs to just do a tutorial on this that’s up to date and streamlined.

(I would do that, but I’ve punted on implementing OneSignal in my app. Though I’ve thought of doing a video and comprehensive totorial on this as an exercise.)


Internet just told me ‘punted on’ means ‘leaving it unaddressed’ …

I had a lot of actual fun ready that thread, a lot of drama, but it definitely convinced me to leave push notifications for when I am a bit better schooled on Bubble.

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The only “hard” part is retrieving the user’s ID or token or whatever OneSignal calls it and it seems nobody has documented a simple, doofus proof explanation of that part.

Of course you don’t HAVE to do that part if you only want to send notifications via OneSignal’s dashboard. But what most folks want to do is send notifications programmatically from inside one’s app, which requires you to know where to send them, which means knowing these subscriber ID things.

(When I had OneSignal active on my site, I just used it in the simple way.)

I thought One signal was web push. SO you men I use OneSignal to send Web Push on the subcriber/ user counter (counting notification) instead of email.

Is it right ? Or kind of what you mean ?

Yes, it’s web push notifications.

I guess I might also note: one of the reasons I stopped actively using OneSignal is that web push is cool and great and all, but since iOS Safari (mobile safari) refuses to support web push, web push is not yet a free universal replacement for other forms of notification (like SMS text).

So, for the business end of my app (paying customers who need notification of things) I use SMS text and for that I use ClickSend, which is just super easy to use with a Bubble.

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So Iphone is still ‘of limits’ unless the use has another webbrowser?

Sms is good for reliable communication, but at €0,05 per message it becomes tricky for daily reminders and more intens communication to the user.

Push notification is a basic need these days.
It would be fare to have it as a core functionallity in bubble.
Meanwhile, given the relevance, I believe this is absolutelly underexplored in the forum and bubble plugin market.
Maybe its time for the plugin developer community to take a look at push notification api services and build a plugin for push notifications.
I am sure it would be a huge success.
In a quick google search, I found: (IBM cloud services)
Onesignal (mentioned in a thread earlier)

And probably many others as I only saw the first 2 pages of the search results.

plugin developers

Could you consider giving push notifications a try?

Best to all!


Pushover costs $5 to get going…
Onesignal doesn’t support iOs

Still trying to figure out pusher, but pretty sure it doesn’t allow for mobile web push notifications on iOs.

Ifttt, however, does work, albeit requiring an install of the ifttt app on iphone (free).

I think the work around is creating an ifttt app that monitors a google spreadsheet cell. Change the cell value from Bubble, ifttt monitors for changes in the cell value, and then sends out a push notification that can incorporate the cell value in the message.

Easy and very inexpensive. 50 messages for free and then u get a 1000 for about a buck.