Number Input Range

Hi I’m new to bubble and am excited to dig in!

I’m rebuilding an app I already built “with code” that involves an input field that only takes numbers within a certain range (i.e. 0 and 100.)

When I set the content format to “Integer,” Minimum Value to “0” and Maximum Value to “100” though, the input still lets me enter numbers outside of this range. Is this expected behavior?

I’m also a little confused by the order of operations. For example, it’s not clear what the output of “Input 1’s value + Input 2’s value * 4” should be. Are there plans to clarify this? (i.e. with parentheses?)



For the Input’s, you can enter a value outside that range, and then using Conditions on the element itself, or with on an Icon or Text you can customize the message letting them know it is invalid.


For the second part, Bubble goes left to right, so it does not use BEDMAS for equations.
You can use creative combinations of inputs and states to sometimes get around this if needed, or you can use the Toolkit Plugin another user made which helps you craft complicated equations.

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Great! Thanks for the detailed reply Geoff!

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