Numerical Keypad

Is there any way to show the numerical keypad instead of the standard keyboard for a number input?

On mobile you mean? We don’t have that, but if you can figure out how it’s done on mobile let us know we can look at adding it.

Should it not just be available using the number input type: ?

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Does your “like” imply that @vega.andrew’s solution is correct?

From the Apple reference:

This link mentions that Xcode gives you a list of keyboard inputs:

Is that relevant?

well i don’t know if it’s correct, but it’s certainly heplful. Apple’s is less relevant as we’re talking about web apps.

It was more of a reply than a solution. It looks like Bubble has it’s own idea of input type. I tried, for example, setting the input type to US telephone and viewing on an iPhone and the keyboard remains the same but there is validation and entry-assistance that happens. So, I think the answer is: there is not a way to get the keyboard to change unless the guys at Bubble utilize / set the input type attribute. But seeing as how there is already a more extended version of input types in Bubble’s framework, there would appear to require some reconciliation / merging of the two for mobile.

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Stumbled across this -

Cordova is for iOS apps, a different story, and not something we’ll touch before working on native apps.

Copy that.

How about this?

Does really help for number? They even say not useful…

I think “Number” isn’t helpful, since you can already switch on the regular keypad. “Tel” is what I’m after.

I guess we could add that for the integer content type. I’ll do that tonight or tomorow.


Is this possible for decimal input? or no, because the keypad doesn’t have a decimal point?


Well, for integer input, I thinks folks would much prefer the telephone input (nice big numbers). But for decimal input, at least the number input type saves the user from clicking to swith to show the number keys (saves one keystroke).

YOU SIR ARE A LEGEND! This is awesome. Thank you.

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Can you add “Tel” type for the Date input as well?