Numeric Keypad on mobile?

Is there a way to have only a numeric keypad show up in mobile for specific fields (number fields), rather than the full native keyboard. I have a lot of number fields, so the user experience would be greatly enhanced.

Hi @robert
You have first to create fields with a type “number”

Then when you create an input you can choose that content format will be text ( full keyboard will be displayed) or choosing integer or decimal you will display a numeric keypad

OK Thank you. My fields are all currency. Why doesn’t the numeric keypad work for currency? bug?

I have submitted a bug report

Appears to be a function that not exist

I bit of time ago I read a post where @emmanuel intervened in a post implementing numeric keypad for decimal and integer… Maybe just forget to implement it also for currency

By the way give a feedback of the report you submited on this post

Deterring long forgotten topics … i need it … Any link to the bug report?

I was told it was not a Bubble issue, but rather because it being a non-native app. But it has been a while, and since then who knows. Sorry I can’t help more.

no pb :slight_smile: i’ll eventually find a way! Many thx

Hey @robert, it has been a while since you posted this issue. Did you find any solution for that ?

Hey @sometrashbin, did you find any solution for that ?

Have to use a native app wrapper. There are a couple of services offered. You can find them by searching this forum.

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