oAuth 2.0 token error


I have set up a custom oAuth 2.0 User-agent flow API and everything works fine except that the token in the API connector needs constant validation. Below is the error

‘Your token is not valid any more. You should sign up again in run mode to get a token to set up and modify your calls’

Once I validated the API by signing-up in run-mode, the API should function as expected without the need to validate it again. Isn’t this supposed to be the intended behavior? @team

This issue is affecting our production version and we might need to move to a custom oAuth2 set up if this doesn’t work. Has anyone run into this issue before?

You did not say which service you are using to connect through Oauth.

This is our internal private app set up on another server that handles the oAuth.

anil you get it resolved ?

We also ran into this problem because we needed to get data via oauth and then display this data to other users in the app so we opted to take the data from the api and upload it to the Bubble database

As a workaround, we have a validation page where can quickly validate the OAuth calls. This is now affecting only our test-version so it isn’t a very critical issue at the moment.