API Connector - Your token is not valid anymore

Social login with microsoft.

I get the same as

"Your token is not valid anymore." Message - #4 by Bubbleboy and oAuth 2.0 token error

its breaking every few hours on version-test. You have to create a new token and muck about wasting more time to get it working.

Emmanuel knows its happening 7 years ago.

“Your token is not valid any more. You should sign up again in run mode to get a token to set up and modify your calls.”

Yet another bubble “feature” I am sick to death of them.

Security is critical - this and the confirmation email saga (another emmanuel special) is unacceptable.

Its easier to turn off social login.
Its easier to turn off confirmation emails if you want to do it properly.

It wastes serious hours trying to get basic stuff going instead of building actual stuff.

You mean your MS API token expired?

My issues were experienced in Live and the token not refreshing which is managed by bubble behind the scenes. I think you’ll find the tokens are not refreshed in dev.