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Oauth2 with Pathfix rocks!

I don’t know who needs to hear this but I was struggling with Oauth2, especially because my client wanted uses to be able to connect a bunch of different services. I found Pathfix and it has saved the project for me.

Over at Pathfix they modified the plugin (several times) for my use case and just released an update.

I don’t have any monetary interest in them, I’m just super thrilled they helped me out and made such an awesome tool for bubble users like me. They have been nothing but tremendously helpful and responsive to requests.

Not only did they modify the plugin to allow a user to connect to one resource with multiple of the same type of account (ie: one user can now connect to 10 youtube channels), but they added several new places to connect to and features (YouTube Uploads, Vimeo Uploads, DailyMotion and some others).

I hope this helps someone!


This is amazing!!! @ryan16 thank you so much for the amazing shout out :star_struck: :heart:

Would it be possible to add an “login via email” option to the SSO UI that the user can control the workflow for? Essentially, I want to give the users an option to choose whether to use SSO or to sign up or login traditionally via email and password. To do this now, I would need to perfect place a custom button and style it to match the Pathfix SSO plugin. This button would just hide the SSO UI and show a different group with email and password forms.

Hey @gbenchanoch if you are looking to match Pathfix SSO UI to your existing UI, you can use the Custom Button approach.

Essentially, this will allow you to place a button, design it the way you want and add the SSO capabilities to it.

Here if the detailed documentation:

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