Oauth2 with Pathfix rocks!

I don’t know who needs to hear this but I was struggling with Oauth2, especially because my client wanted uses to be able to connect a bunch of different services. I found Pathfix and it has saved the project for me.

Over at Pathfix they modified the plugin (several times) for my use case and just released an update.

I don’t have any monetary interest in them, I’m just super thrilled they helped me out and made such an awesome tool for bubble users like me. They have been nothing but tremendously helpful and responsive to requests.

Not only did they modify the plugin to allow a user to connect to one resource with multiple of the same type of account (ie: one user can now connect to 10 youtube channels), but they added several new places to connect to and features (YouTube Uploads, Vimeo Uploads, DailyMotion and some others).

I hope this helps someone!


This is amazing!!! @ryan16 thank you so much for the amazing shout out :star_struck: :heart:

Would it be possible to add an “login via email” option to the SSO UI that the user can control the workflow for? Essentially, I want to give the users an option to choose whether to use SSO or to sign up or login traditionally via email and password. To do this now, I would need to perfect place a custom button and style it to match the Pathfix SSO plugin. This button would just hide the SSO UI and show a different group with email and password forms.

Hey @gbenchanoch if you are looking to match Pathfix SSO UI to your existing UI, you can use the Custom Button approach.

Essentially, this will allow you to place a button, design it the way you want and add the SSO capabilities to it.

Here is the detailed documentation: https://docs.pathfix.com/plugin-action-based-sso-plugin

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I too use Pathfix for OAuth2 as certain APIs are notoriously cranky about refresh tokens and throw errors when they shouldn’t - I AM LOOKING AT YOU, INTUIT! But Pathfix handles all this stuff really gracefully!

Agreed. I just set up the Google Business Profile (GMB) with Pathfix today. Such an easy process. Also, I had a question regarding this API and they answered within 2 hours (On a sunday!). Couldn’t recommend them more.

Hey guys,

Thinking about using pathfix for Google and Facebook Oauth.

How have you handled pre-existing users who try to sign in with Oauth. Given these accounts can’t be merged, how do prompt them to login with email?

Similar q if an Oauth user tried to sign in with email


Hey @ag451

This can be solved with a custom field and a workflow, here is what we recommend doing:

  • Add a custom field for the user with the providername (this data is sent along with the profile data)
  • Save this field against the user if they have used the oauth method
  • Set up a workflow and run a check for every signup for the providername field. If the field is empty, show them a notification that they need to login using email/pw method instead and if it is contains the value, show a message to login using the SSO buttons :slight_smile:

Do give it a go and let us know if you face any difficulties.

Pathfix Team

@Pathfix Just want to give my two cents on using your plugin . I’ve been using your Oauth integration for just under two weeks. Unfortunately it’s proven to be very unreliable. I’m continuously getting connection errors where the Oauth fails to connect at all. There is no status monitoring so I can’t set any alarms on these problems.

Today the Oauth is connecting but I’m receiving the following errors on Facebook, Google and Twitter.

These issues have proven to be a real pain with our product launch and our users are complaining that they cannot login or create an account. Support at weekends appears to be non-existent. I’m regretting using this plugin on a core piece of infrastructure.

Thanks for reporting @messly & this is worrying.

I was initially really happy to offload the Auth2.0 dance to @Pathfix and they were extremely helpful getting setup (as reported here). We’re currently having a different issue with them which is around GDPR compliance (and lack of it). If you are in the EU you are not currently covered to use Pathfix as a sub-processor.

We reported this non-compliance on 2nd February (they were not aware of any issue) and have received several ‘we will revert back by x date’ from them but have received no updates. We offered them a simple contract from our own lawyers that would bridge them but this hasn’t been signed.

We’re currently exposed and non-compliant and so having to look for alternatives - we would rather not. Has anybody else in Europe or serving European customers found a way around this with Pathfix, or switched to an easy alternative?

Hey @exception-rambler our GDPR compliance/DPA along with our Standard Contractual clause should be on our website in the next working day.

Since this is an extensive topic that required frequent changes, as you can imagine, our lawyers did take time to get back.

Hey @messly

First off, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Please know that reliability and security are of the utmost importance to us and we work very hard to build trust and reliability in our solution.

Our team is always available for system down issues, which you may have observed today during the live chat conversation.

Unfortunately, over the last couple weeks, there were some items that needed emergency fixes that were pointed out by our testing team that needed to be fixed.

As confirmed with our support team, the oauth connectivity is up and running as expected.

As always, do reach out to us directly if you need any additional assistance.

Hey @exception-rambler our Data Processing Addendum (DPA) along with the EU Standard Contractual Clause is live on our site.

All Bubblers from the EU region can access this directly from our site and view our data policies.

Link to the DPA: Pathfix | DPA
A list of our sub-processors: Pathfix | Our Subprocessors

As always, do reach out to our team if you need any assistance :slight_smile:

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