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Object doesn't exist

I just got a 400 error back from my API
{"statusCode":400,"body":"{\n \"status\": \"MISSING_DATA\",\n \"message\": \" Missing object for workflow new_action_test: object with id 1483084482177x348845067666843500,1483084484301x482686368050053700 do not exist\"\n}"}

But these things DO exist. I’m looking at one right now.

The API workflow is supposed to make a new thing (action_test) and populate its fields with references to other things (node_test) that were just created by a previous API call.

Did I setup the API wrong? Maybe it thinks the entire string is the id and doesn’t recognize that it’s a list of two ids?

Looks likely from the error message. What does the data going in look like?

Possibly will need to do a search on the unique ids to create a list of things, hopefully not though!