# of API calls in 1 Front-End Workflow?

Hi, I have an app that needs to send multiple different prompts at a time to open ai’s API. So I’m only returning text on each call. That means I’ll have a workflow that will have numerous API calls, anywhere between 1 and 15.

Is there a rule of thumb for how many I should limit this to as a front-end workflow?

Does anyone have any experiencing with workflows timing out with stuff like this?

I would love to run it on the server instead, but then I can’t access the return data without saving it, and much of it will just be thrown out.

There’s no set number of API calls that will cause a time out - best advice is just to test it. Some APIs take longer than others to respond, and depending on your set up, some API calls may be synchronous.

It is possible though to run it on the server w/o saving the data. You can expose a backend workflow as a public endpoint (ex. yourbubbleapp.com/api/1.1/wf/yourworkflowname) and then call that endpoint from the client side.

Thanks! I’m having some trouble finding resources on doing this. Do you know of any?

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