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Offline-Application - possible?

Hey fellows,

Is it possible to create an application here, that would work in offline mode and would be sichronized by pressing a button?

Or is this one for online use only?




It’s mainly ‘online’ use only but… depending on how much you know about JavaScript, service workers, manifest files and utilising the browser’s local storage it is possible to do such things.

There’s a few techy posts about this on the forum.

There’s nothing built into the Editor that allows this, although I’d love it if there was a little checkbox that said “make available offline” unfortunately I don’t think it would be that simple.



It’s definitely possible to make your app functional offline. You’ll need to build a service worker and cache resources so that when the user goes offline, resources are fetched from the cache rather than the network.

It’s fairly easy to cache static content from your Bubble app that way. It’s a lot more difficult when it comes to caching content that’s generated based on items from a database. The Bubble API that retrieves that data has parameters that change on every request — making it extremely difficult to cache.