Offline detection popup


I need to show a popup when users are offline without the use of plugins.
Does anyone know how?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Hey there @hacker,

Based off a quick Google search, you can do this with Javascript: Detecting Online/Offline Status in Javascript | by Javascript Jeep🚙💨 | Level Up Coding

Hey, @johnny,


I found many solutions like this, but the thing is that I don´t know a thing of JS.
How can I make a function in JS trigger a WF?

Hey @hacker,

You can use the Toolbox plugin by @mishav.

Yeah, that’s a great plugin.

But I don´t know how to “call” the function through conditions in the WF.

You can do it using the “Run Javascript” workflow action.

Yeah, I tried with no luck.

But thanks a lot for the help, @johnny

Hi @hacker you can use the free plugin Offline Notify.JS in bubble app
It’s detect offline connection and test to reconnect every 5 secondes. Automaticcaly and without any changing

Yes, thanks.

The thing is that I need it in spanish, and the plugins that have it in spanish (like @AirDev ´s plugin) is bad translated.

So I need a custom popup.

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Oh okay no worry :slight_smile:

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