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Offline Notify dont work

I am working on a website and I need to alert the user that he has lost his internet connection. I installed the plugin called “Offiline Notify”, but every time I try to make it work it happens.
Can somebody helps me?

I’m not fully sure I understand what the problem with that plugin is. Could you clarify what happens every time you try to make it work?

FWIW, Progressier also has the option to add a similar offline alert to your Bubble app (along with PWA installation, push notifications, and a bunch of other things). Progressier isn’t free though, so if all you need is the offline alert, it may be a bit overkill.

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Good morning sir, first of all thanks for the tip. Speaking of the plugin, it just doesn’t work, I add it to my site, and I can’t get it to work.
On the plugin site, I can’t see how to install (actually everything is very confusing), or configure, much less pull js into the bubble.