Can i refresh page based on change of items in repeating group

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I have a question regarding my app build. So, i have a restaurant admin page which shows the restaurant new orders coming through to the shop. My thought process was to have a sound playing when a new order comes in, like Uber Eats does… I know there are some issues with playing some sounds on devices. However i have got it to a point now where it will play when a new order comes in… but only if i refresh the page manually. Due to the conditions set…

I believe this is down to only allowing sounds to play if triggered by the user… In this case, the refresh.

I am using the Howler plugin to play the sound. and i set a workflow that is :
Repeating Groups list of orders is > 0

The sound will trigger.

It works on desktop, without manual refresh, but on mobile this only works if refreshed. My logic behind this would be to say when the repeating groups order count gained a new order, to refresh the page which would then trigger the sound.

Tell me if im crazy but i am trying to make this work!

Thank you!

I think the issue is, it is always greater than 0, so it doesn’t trigger this workflow. I did the following and it worked both in mobile and desktop. See the demo below:

Here is what I did:

  1. Create a custom state somewhere on the page:

  2. Check the current count of the repeating group vs this custom state:

  3. Do whatever you want to do. I showed a message for example (see above image).

  4. Change the custom state to the new count:

And here is the editor if you want to check details: Tests for Forum 11 | Bubble Editor