Omise API Call setup help

Hello, I’m trying to set up an api call to Omise, here’s the documentation:

I’m currently a bit confused on where I would put the secret key, and their examples don’t help much, would appreciate any help I can get, thanks!

Nvm, solved it. For those wondering, read their ‘Authentication’ section of their docs. I might try publish a plugin if I can figure out how to do that xD


hello @ikkyu1755
Did you have any luck in building a plugin?

I’m trying to add my secret key but it keeps up giving an Authorization error (401).
Any help?

I just used Bubble’s API Connector plugin and used HTTP basic auth, I didn’t continue with the project but I got the test APIs up and running so I don’t think I can help much ;v;


Could perhaps explain how you were able to authenticate the Test APIs? Struggling a little bit on this.