On Premises Web App

I’m about to start my own web app, and while I dig the idea of Bubble, I will need my app to live on-premises for some clients.
As I know this is not possible with Bubble, I’d like to know what would be the closest solution, to have a working on-premises web app as quickly and easily as possible.
I also think of an option to have a full-blown web-app in Bubble, and develop something smaller, with about 50% of the functionality for the on-permises needs.

So my questions are:

  1. What will be the easiest, Bubble-like, way to develop on-premises web app?
  2. Would you go the route of developing two web apps, one in Bubble and the other in an on-premises platform ?
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Hi Yigal

I’m facing the same problem, some customers will want on premises

A first and fast answer is to use an external database that will be stored on premises. Problem is it will still need internet to run bubble website

Then I’m looking for others web app solutions: let me know if you found something interesting, I’ll keep you updated on my side.

Suggest you check out this:

Was featured recently on Product Hunt with very positive feedback. Be interesting to see if it wraps Bubble apps.

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I don’t think Web2Desk is going to make the app work offline, though. The app is still going to need to connect to the internet in order to do anything unless I’m reading their website wrong. I can’t imagine that they’d be able to replicate the Bubble backend on a local server.

This is actually interesting.
@andrewgassen I actually see they mention in the FAQ that tha app should work offline.
If that works, it all depends whether your app functionality needs the internet or not.

But I find it hard to swallow that they can take the Bubble experience and duplicate it for offline use.

Any one got experience with this, or other form of offline use of Bubble ?

Any idea when Bubble will be available for on-premises installation or cloud based (AWS private/public AMI) solution , to keep the application running locally.

Please suggest.

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I made a bubble complementary tool called Abstra (http://abstra.app/).

It is also a no-code tool for making fullstack apps, but more focused on companies (more team management, on-premise, shared resources, etc…)

(I read the guidelines and It seems ok to me, let me know if is against the rules)

There is a new platform that is gaining traction in France: ISKernel Most of the doc is still in french but it is a low-code app that is available on-premise as well as on Azure cloud