On what level does Bubble check visibility?

If an element is set as visible but it’s in a group that is not visible, is it considered visible or invisible?

I have a reusable object called “Product Message Box” in a group that is not visible on page load, but can be toggled after. If, INSIDE the reusable object, I have a “Do when Product Message Box is visible…” workflow, will it get triggered when the group is made visible, since that’s when Product Message Box actually becomes visible on the page? Or will it not trigger, because Product Message Box’s “visible” field is checked from the start, and only its parent group is toggled?

You might think I can just start the workflow off of the parent group, but I can’t do that because I’m triggering it inside the reusable object, which doesn’t have access to the parent group. I can’t trigger the workflow from the page because the group is part of a repeating group.

Thanks for your help!

I believe Bubble is checking whether something is visible or not on the page at that moment, regardless of whether or not the visible on page load is checked. But I suggest throwing together a quick test to confirm this.

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