Why is element visible/not visible not an option for workflow conditional statement?

So in the workflow, one can add a conditional statement to run the workflow “Only When”

However, there doesn’t seem to be the option of when the element is visible or not visible, as in other cases. Why? Is this an oversight, bug, natural limitation, or something else?


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I’m not 100% sure but I think this is a bug - I’ve used ‘is visible’ in only when conditions. I just tried a quick demo and I also wasn’t able to select ‘only when input is visible’ using the composer, but the editor did allow me to create that expression at the event level’s ‘only when’, copy the expression, and paste it into the ‘only when’ condition at the action level. Not sure if this is on purpose, but a bug report might be best here:

Well, good thing is that your workaround still works.

Bad thing is that the problem still exists in the editor!

Have “is/isn’t visible” options in conditional Workflows would be immensely helpful, especially when trying to track impressions.