Visible element that should not (and debugger says not visible)

Hello Bubblers,

I have an element that stays shown in a Popup even when I want it to disappear, and the debugger says that it is not visible, even though it is :

It is inside a group (named AI Group Edit H1) that is set to be only visible when a custom state named “App state” = H1.
This element is not visible on page load, and is shown during a workflow.

But then, when the custom state goes from H1 to the next one, the element stays shown and messes everything as 2 groups becomes visible in the Popup.

I’m not shure if his parent group (AI Group Edit H1) is also visible because as you can see there is no (invisible) attached :

But then when clicking :

So I am a little lost, as I don’t know how to understand the debugger. Can an element be visible inside a group that is supposed to be hided?

Thank you for your help !

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