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Onclick to show data from repeating group in another text element

When I hit start, data (time property from the questions table) from the repeating group (in this case questions table), should be added to the text element ‘remaining time’. The default value is 00:00. After that the remaining time should countdown to zero.

I already tried a lot of possible solutions but I did not managed to show the time in the ‘remaining time’ text element, let alone start the countdown. Help is appreciated.

For the countdown you can use action “Do every X seconds” and update a custom state with the remaining time every second.

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Thanks for helping me! I have been playing with this idea. However the hardest part seems to be getting the one property from a grouping element in a text element outside the group. I think I understand where to look but the options are sometimes a bit descriptive / unclear.

You can create the custom state on the page or on the repeating group.