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One login on two apps?

Hi Guys,

I’m considering building my next app in Bubble. It looks very promising!

I however have a question regarding connecting apps together. I understand that you can connect apps together with the Bubble App connector. You can have one shared user database and login in app B whit the user details stored in app A.

However is it also possible that when you login in app A, you are automatically logged in app B and vice versa?

Our company has different brands each with their own domain name. However they all have a single user database and a global menu etc.

I know the alternative would be to build everything into one app, however I would prefer to have different parts of the app shown under their own brand domain name.


Is this tricky way secure? And do you know where I can find more information on how to achieve this?

You can try to use the Bubble App Connector

Did you find a solution ?

I ended up using a different platform. However I’m pretty sure this should be possible with Firebase Auth. Since this is a centralize authentication provider, you can login on multiple platforms with one set of credentials.

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When a user logs in to your app, the app saves a cookie with authentication details in the browser. Session cookies enable users to stay logged in from one session to the next. These cookies are usually tied to a specific domain.

Having user log in on Domain A and automatically log them in on Domain B is not really recommended. With Bubble, I’m pretty sure you simply can’t do that anyway. You could find ways to get it done if you were not using Bubble (check out this Stackoverflow thread), but even then you probably shouldn’t.

If each of these domains have different names and branding, I think most users should be okay to log in to each separately (even if it’s with the same login details). Nothing particularly shocking there from a UX perspective imho.