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Hello all! I’m brand new here but from what I can see, it looks like may be exactly what I’m looking for. However, there is something that I haven’t been able to confirm that I definitely need - the ability for multiple apps to share data sources. I want to build 2 apps on 2 different domains, i.e. - (for customers) and (for employees and staff) but they need to share data. Is this possible with

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Yes :call_me_hand:

sweeeeeet. Thank you.
Any specific (special) preparation I need to do when setting up the data originally to make it accessible by another app, or would it just all be accessible when attached to my bubble account?

Not exactly what you have asked, but you don’t necessarily need 2 different apps to have different access in the one app.

My app has 4 different ‘portals’ for 4 different types of users all with different functionality.

If you do want to connect 2 different apps then there is the bubble app connector.

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Hello @msmith welcome to the community!

As @equibodyapp suggested, the bottommost plugin is the one that could be useful in connecting two Bubble apps:


Can the separate portals be on different subdomains?

Thank you!

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Yes…but that would be separate apps…

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Understood. Thank you!