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One-on-one mobile messaging

I’m working on a mobile social app that would, ideally, have a messaging/chat feature built right into it. Similar to whatsapp, kik, tinder, etc. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem bubble is able to make this well on mobile yet. So, instead, I’d like to try to make it so the app can start a text-message conversation between two people by sending a custom text message from the user’s phone number to the other user’s phone. Is this possible, and if so how?

I’ve thought of a few ways of going about it. If bubble can’t send texts from one phone to another, I could try simply sending a text to the other user’s phone and have it include the user’s phone number in it, for example. But, to even do any of this, it only makes sense to be able to have a user login and sign up using their phone number, instead of an email. So, to add, are they any ways of doing that, or at least ways where a user can log in with either?

Twilio, Plivo and Nexmo all offer APIs for SMS. Note, there is a cost each text sent. So to do something like this you would need to look into using the Bubble API plugin with their APIs for sending SMS messages.