How to send SMS message through API?

Hi everyone, grateful Bubble and the community exist. Can anyone help me with figuring out how to send SMS messages through Bubble or related API?

I’m building a web app where the messenger is a key function, but I want new notifications to send SMS messages to the target user. I also want the receiving user to be able to respond directly through SMS, which will register as a new Message in the established Conversation in the database.

I also want similar functions where if a Connection between two users is established, it sends out a SMS as well.

Please help! Happy to provide details if needed. :slight_smile:

TWILIO & Blockading api

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Hey @InCommon,

Give the Send text messages with Twilio plugin a shot. You can send text messages, as well as retrieve them if you’re building an endpoint to support some pretty robust two-way messaging. No Blockspring needed. :slight_smile:


@InCommon If you prefer to use API Connector instead of the plugin, it’s very doable. To send messages, you’ll need to craft your API call using headers that force xml instead of application/json…then return a response to Twilio (i.e. during your workflow) to prevent an error codes from occurring in the Twilio console. It’s easier than it sounds.

To receive text messages, you just create an API endpoint in Bubble and point to your Bubble endpoint via your Twilio console.

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Thanks everyone! I’ve been trying to learn the Twilio plugin and seem to have gotten stuck learning it :sweat_smile: But I’ll try harder and with these new insights.

The Send text messages with Twilio plugin is working great for us. I highly recommend it.

I recommended the Nvoip API for send SMS.



Olá, @leandro.campos! Você sabe dizer se já tem algum plugin do Nvoip?

Will iSMS work on the bubble?