Two-Way SMS using Twilio plugins

Hi all, does anyone have an example setup or set of instructions to share for two-way SMS implementation using Twilio plugins in bubble? I’ve setup a trial account and I’m now able to send an SMS from my WebApp using Twilio phone number as the sender and my personal mobile phone as Receiver. But I want to now response back via SMS and have it show up NOT in the WebAPP but in sender’s phone as an SMS. Thanks in advance.

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Would like to know if this is possible too it looks like @nocodeventure created something I’m just trying to get my head around whether it’s using Using Twilio Conversations - YouTube the twilio conversations API and what a simple set up of it might look like.

@dhawan_30 did you end up finding a solution for this?

+1 Would love to know how to do this. I need to get a user to confirm view SMS by replying "Yes’ or ‘No’

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