One-page business website on Word Press + web application (CMS) with bubble


I read that bubble doesn’t make finding our website easy for google to be found. Also, there is much less free or cheap templates for Bubble than for Word Press. I am trying to build a Website where user will be able to Sign Up/Sign In and then he will be able to upload some content (some string info and images). I am not fully happy with the Bubble frontend design possibilities for the main page - which should be mainly just a portfolio for business product. On the other hand I find Bubble as best choice for building CMS features (login, signup, simple upload form etc).
Please tell me - can I build a website on e.g WordPress which once user clicks on Signup/Login redirects to Bubble Web App? I mean, I know it is possible but what would be pros and cons of this kind of solution?
Can I have both Bubble Web App and WordPress website working on the same URL so once the user enters my website he has URL= “” and once he clicks on signup he has “”?

If so, I would appreciate any explanation how to do that.
Thank you in advance for help!

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Hey @wozniak.mateusz.1993

I think the best solution for you would to have a word press site and then use an iframe to have people login to Bubble.

If you need help with this or have any other questions just PM me!