How do you handle SEO and connections with Wordpress/Webflow?

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So: I love bubble, but I’m very afraid about the SEO part of it. I’m a digital marketer so I know a lot about how a site should perform on the SEO level, and I don’t think Bubble is ready yet. It writes platform-specific code, servers are not so good in Italy (I’ve yet to see a fast website with bubble), it’s difficult to make it mobile friendly, we don’t control servers, so we don’t control server response, we can’t minify coding eccetera.

BUT, as I said, I love bubble. I have some basic knowledge of html and css for designing websites, but I’m not a programmer even I think in a very “programmer way”. Bubble is like a heaven for me and I was thinking: is there someone like me?

If yes, how do you handle everything? Can I create an app with Bubble and the actual website with Wordpress, and then link the login of the Wordpress website to the app on Bubble? If yes, how can I do that? Subdomains, maybe?

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What you could do is purchase a domain from Wordpress for your homepage, then purchase a subdomain like and link it to that site for your actual application. @brentsum performed this approach with Once you click sign up, it takes you to, which is the web app built with Bubble.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the tip @marcusandrews. Would you happen to know if there is an easy way for Bubble and WordPress to interact? I.e. the PHP code on a WordPress template does a call to the Bubble database to pull in data? That’d be the magic key to all of this.

You can try to use an url to transport data. This is widely used to connect two websites or apps.
For example, you can send data from your wordpress or webflow site to your bubble app like this:
"!&to=Frank "
In your app you create a workflow for the page “message”, which in turn creates a new Thing called “message” based on the data in the url (“Get data from URL”) and then return the user to a page in wordpress or webflow “”.

As a fellow non-code developer i can recommend zapier as well. It’s a good alternative if you don’t want users to leave the wordpress page. Zapier can connect to your app using your app’s API, which you can easily set up in Bubble under Settings>API.

Send me a PM if you need further details on this.

Have fun developing!

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