One Page Mobile App - Organisation with groups/ floating groups

Hey all,

I initially had all my different screens and elements packaged neatly into groups, eg
index: LoggedOutPages(LandingPage, SignInPage, CreateAccountPages)

I ran into responsive design problems and realised I need to make use of floating groups to keep certain things in the right place when scaling on different screen sizes. The problem now is that as floating groups cannot be a child element, having a clean way to say …hide the LoggedOutPages (and all it’s child groups) becomes a pain in t a.

Is there any way to link floating groups and regular groups so that I can hide just one master group and preserve my organisation? Or is the reality that its just a cluster bomb of floating groups all on the index page without any real hierarchy.


Yes, the hard reality is that floating group cannot be inside a group.
Although you can use a single custom state and based on its value you can show and hide these floating group.
Say, there are 5 floating group and each needs to be shown independently, use a custom state show and based on its value from 1 to 5, you can show a floating group.
Keep them hidden by Page load, that way things may get easier.

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Custom states yep. I had a feeling haha. Thanks!