Repeating group - how make different "events" and save

Hi all,

There is probably an easy solution to this question but I can’t figure it out.

So i want to schedule an event where I or the user can create the event and then it should be shown in a repeating group and then it should be saved separately. So every new event is shown in the group.

The thing I cant figure out is probably connected to the data source since that’s the thing that’s is erroring. Since I want to show both a text and a number how do I connect the data source?

I hope the pictures will help to clarify what I am trying to achieve here

Thanks in advance

In the dB create a data type “event” with the fields for when (date) and cost (number)

Set the input when to type date and the input cost to type number

Upon button click create a thing called event with the inputs data for when and cost.

Set the rg to type event and the source to search for events

Set the text elements in the rg to current cell’s event when and current cell’s cost

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

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