One-Time Payment Plugins

So I purchased Materialize CSS plugin, the One-Time Payment. I was wondering why it asks me to pay for it when I want to put it in another app? I may be missing something or just not smart. Let me know.

I believe all plugin licenses only apply to the app they were purchased on.

Ok, and you can’t copy apps with that plugin?

I don’t believe so. It will copy the plugin and code over, but you will get an error preventing you from pushing to live, and you will get a runtime error as well. Both of these will be telling you that you have a premium plugin that you need to resubscribe to.

That makes sense. Thanks for helping me understand that!

I agree that it should be clearer when purchasing a plugin that it’s a single-use license. It seems to be a common point of confusion from what I’ve read across the forums.

Yea, I was confused. I most likely would not have bought it if I knew it only worked for one app.