OneSignal Plugin

Hey guys,

We have set up the official Onesignal by Bubble plugin with all the keys good to go.

However, it looks like Bubble sends the ‘player ID’ (Onesignal term for user) to Onesignal based on the current user who allows push notifications.

In our app, we create something called a ‘Subscriber’, which is someone who subscribes to updates but they are not set up as a user account. So, in order to deliver the push notifications I’m guessing we’ll need a ‘Player ID’ saved to the data type (we already have email, full name etc) so we can identify that person and send them notifications when they are not on our Bubble app.

But, using the plugin how can we return the player ID from the opt in so I can save it to the Subscriber data type?

See example - no actual data is returned in a saveable fashion:

The ‘Onesignal - Show notification prompt’ action from the plugin doesn’t return any data I can save.

Happy to pay for this one if you can jump in?


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me and my team invested hundreds of development and testing hours to save others a headache with OneSignal. As a result, we launched “OneSignal MAX Push Notifications (iOS + Android + Web)” plugin recently. Using our plugin you can easily solve your problem. Check part III of our manual for more answers.

If it sounds interesting, I tell more about the features of this plugin in the following post: [NEW Plugin] OneSignal MAX Push Notifications (iOS + Android + Web)