Online Calculator + Booking Integration with Existing CRM

Not sure posting in the right section but I need help setting up an online calculator that integrates with client’s existing CRM. Currently the client has a calculator that is live that will allow the user to get a quote but then the information is sent to their general mailbox where the administrative assistant will respond with booking options and further questions. This creates a lot of back and forth that we want to cut out and automate this process largely by integrating the live schedule within the calculator. The client is a home services company that has crews that go from location to location on a daily basis so the booking availability will have to have some sort of distance restriction capabilities, perhaps by zip code. Basically not allowing a user to book a slot that is x miles away due drive times and other factors. They use Housecall Pro for their booking and customer management and I believe they do have an API we can tap into.

There are two sites that currently use an automated approach to booking service appointments.

Is building something like the above examples possible on We’ve tried to hire freelancers previously to do this but it has never ended up well. Any advice on the best way to go about this would be greatly appreciated. Currently the client’s site is using Wordpress but the calculator portion uses .NET as it it was much quicker in terms of load time and overall UX for users. PHP development did not give us the quick product similar to the above linked examples and the dev convinced us to go with the .NET option. Now while the speed is better, we have to pay separately to host this portion of the site.

I am open to using if it has this type of functionality or hiring anyone who is capable of completing this to a similar standard as the examples given above.