Online status plugin help

I’m trying to make my app show when a user was last online but i need it to be formatted different if they where not online for a day like WhatsApp.
and if its a longer date its formatted like this
My data base

then this plugin gives me the data
then i send the plugin data to the data base

but it does not work and i don’t know how i can create a formula to do this
Please Help

Store the Last Online as a Date instead of a text.

  1. Dates are very easy to format on the front end by using :formatted as.
You can use custom formatting to display it however you'd like.

This would be HH:MM

This would be dd/mm/yyyy

  1. Dates can be used in conditionals to check for recency, while texts cant. So you can use This User's last online > curent date time + days -1 in a conditional, and the the conditional would be `This user’s last online formatted as HH:MM. (you can add the ‘last seen today at’ statically before the dynamic expression. You can have a set of these conditionals with different wording and formatting.
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That’s what he said, but I wouldn’t use this formula because it would appear “today” for the last 24h… instead try: This user’s last online > Current date/time :change hours to 0: change minutes to 0 :change seconds to 1 :formatted as text
Yes → Last seen today at (date:formated as …)
No → Last seen …

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am I doing it wrong ?

Try getting the User from the group you are interacting with… I wouldn’t do a seach again

The group contains a list of users current user and the other users
that’s why i haver to search because i only want to edit the one of them
the search is to find that user out of the 2 users in a chat

Use @ri_scc_94 expression :slight_smile: it works better.

It looks like you are using the old dynamic expression builder. I recommend upgrading to the newer one, its much more powerful!

Go on Settings>>Versions>> Beta Features >> Activate ‘Expression Parentheses’

This allows you to add parenthesis and order of operation. The version you are using reads left to right and doesnt allow you to add the :change hours to a date because the expression is already complete.

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how do i get this is this static text?

This search would always return the same User no matter where this conditioanl is being evaluated.

Is the list of users on a repeating group?

Im only editing the chats that the current user is in so every user has a different contact number you can isolate the other user and the current user

Just tryed @ri_scc_94 formula :sweat_smile:
new to this condition type don’t know what the brackets mean

Oh, this formula should be in the text, not in the conditions…

yep just found that out ha

Not sure if its working

well now its working fine i think i just had to log in to the users to update there data base

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