Only Bubble Emails Are Not Being Recieved


I have an issue where an email is to be sent to a user when an item is created or modified. All of our other users receive emails from the address so we are sure the workflow is running correctly. Ive also verified in logs that the “send email” event is there with the correct address. However, the email is not being recieved by this Office 365 user. I have performed message traces and found nothing from the address. I have also allowed all email from the and our domain. Microsoft says that the emails simply aren’t reaching their servers. Are there any more logs I can look or troubleshooting I can do to find out why this one email isn’t sending?

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I’ve found (in a few rare instances) that Bubble (SendGrid) encounters issues sending emails to aliases (For example, has the alias When an email is sent to, it disappears into the ether. But it doesn’t happen consistently across aliases, so I’m not sure of the root cause).

As well, double check if there are any special characters in the email address. (To my knowledge, I believe you should be able to pass an email address through without any encoding, but I’m wondering if Bubble does anything behind the scenes that may throw things off).

The default Sendgrid mail account Bubble apps have is shared across all Bubble apps, is intended for test purposes, is rate-limited and likely doesn’t match all servers whitelists.

For a production app, you should setup your own mail account and put in your Sendgrid key, and emails will be sent from your example@yourdomain instead of from

There are also domain configuration steps to take, i.e. setting up MX records. Sendgrid or whichever mail provider you pick will outline the steps for that.

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