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Send emails not working

I’m trying to send myself an email when a user completes a form.

So I’m using the send email function, but I never seem to receive the email in my Gmail account?

What could be preventing the email from coming through?

Check spam folder of the account.

It’s not in my spam, i checked

Is there logs i can check in Bubble to ensure the email was actually sent out?

Are you setup with a SendGrid account? I’ve not had any spam-related issues after creating a whitelabled SendGrid mailer.

I’ll elaborate a bit. Essentially SendGrid allows you to verify a domain name and sender email address via DNS. If you want to really get through to more inboxes you must also designate a static IP address, but this is not necessary until your app is in production with real users.

To test your spam issue out and dig into the details, create a Bubble workflow that sends an email to a mail-tester inbox, which is free to use:

You can then link us to your inbox results page once you complete this step and I can help look into the results with you.

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I went ahead and created a new app and tested Bubble’s built-in AWS email sender:

8.5/10 is a pretty good score, so it is unlikely it is a problem on Bubble’s end. Test with a handful of different inboxes (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc) and see if the emails appear in any of them. If none of them go through, it is a sign your Bubble app is not sending the emails out.

Emails sent from Bubble should appear in the logs.

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Good to know! I hadn’t checked on my end yet.

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