Only show on 1st session?

Hi guys,

I’ve got a popup that I would like to show the first time a user accesses the site where they put their current location. If they return again within the same hour say, I don’t want the popup to show but to remember what they entered the first time.

Is this possible without creating user accounts? I’m trying to avoid user accounts as I have been suspecting that this would be more costly than not having users? If anybody has any insight on user costs, that would be great also!


What do you mean by costly?

Total noob question, but I suspected that creating user accounts would increase costs of running the app due to:

  • increased server space needed for storing user data
  • users writing data

As I understand it, Users are intrinsic to Bubble, i.e. the User data type is built in, and the mechanism for having users create an “account” isn’t terribly complex.

User is also extensible, so you could add fields like Location and WhenLocationSaved to the User type. Then, you’d have what you need to decide whether to use the location remembered or open the popup to retrieve a new location.

The “cost” of users creating accounts and saving Location info would be insignificant.

As above, there is no particular “cost” to a user. In fact “anonymous” users are created in the background every time someone accesses your app. So you don’t need them even log in.

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for the info.

I’m just trying to get an idea where the biggest costs would be in scaling my app up.

Another feature I would like to add is a weekly job alerts email (my site is a job board) but again I stayed away from this initially as I’m not sure how costly this would be(especially if users set up multiple alerts). Do automated emails from Bubble have much impact on cost?

If anybody has any other info on what can impact cost as you get more users, that would also be really helpful.

I should probably start a new thread for this as I’m kind of going off-topic

Thanks again


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