Location Check-in "Game" for Teens

Hi everyone. I am building an app for teens in an after school program and I am trying to understand how i can create a location “check-in” feature that rewards them for showing up to their program.

There are a number of locations around town, so I want to require they select their home location as part of their user profile.

I want to accomplish two things:

  1. I want them to be able to check into their location without being able to fake it. The goal is to reward at risk kids for actually showing up to their program and I’ve noticed that some apps allow you to tag locations without actually being there.

  2. Create a way to tally the check-ins to make a competition out of it. I want to track the numbers for our organizational data of course, but I also want to reward those who are showing up. For example, 10 check-ins per month gets a gift card, or the kid with the most check-ins during the school year gets some type of prize, etc.

I’d like to know if this is something I can create with Bubble’s built-in location functions or if there is a plugin or template that i can incorporate that will work. I’d appreciate some help with this one.

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