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Only the creator of data can delete

Is it possible to make it so only the creator of data can delete it?

I am building a platform where there are many users and there is an open space where all the content is there for everyone to view. However, I want to make it so creators can only delete content they have uploaded, not everyone to delete anything they want?

I have attached an image of an example of some images uploaded, I want the users to be able to delete only the photos they have uploaded themselves. Is this possible?

Appreciate any suggestions.

You can do this with conditionals…

Either on the elements used for triggering the workflows (i.e. a button or an icon etc.), or on the workflows themselves. Or you can set them on both, just for added assurance.

I’d make the elements only visible and/or clickable to those users who created the specific content (i.e, when the current cell’s content’s creator is the current user), AND set a conditional on the workflow as well just in case.


Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated. I have done this, but the icon somehow shows for other users instead of the creator?

Then you must have done it wrong…

Double check your settings to try and locate the error.

Feel free to post some screenshots (or a link to your editor) if you’d like someone else to take a look for you.

The flag is only meant to show for the creator, however on the view page, the flag is showing on content created by another user? not for the content created by the user signed in?

Hi there, @alendedja79… maybe I am missing something obvious, but if I am seeing things correctly in your screenshot, you need to check the This element is visible box in your conditional, and you need to make sure the element is not visible on page load on the Appearance tab.


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As @mikeloc pointed out, you haven’t checked the ‘Element Is Visible’ box to show the element.

I’m guessing you’re showing the flag by default on page load, then hiding it when the current user is the content creator - which is exactly the opposite of what you want to do.

So just switch that around and it should work.

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Thank you @mikeloc & @adamhholmes

That worked, I have learnt my lesson!
Much appreciated


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