Only when doesn't respond

Hello bubble community
I don’t really understand why I can’t put this “only when” function
My 2 values are numbers so comparable
Thanks a lot

Hi there, @eliottem… if you check the red issue checker at the top of the editor, it will tell you what the issue is. Are you sure they are both numbers? I’m guessing one of them is text.


Thanks a lot Mikeloc
Yes the first one is a number as you can see on the pic.
It comes from the plugin random number generator

well then the input must not be a number… (but again, the issue checker will tell you exactly what the issue is)

Um, okay… did you check the issue checker? Is the second one a number, too?

The issue checker says that “only when” should be a yes/no
The second one (the input) is evaluated as a text but it is quite strange as I stated that it should be number only in the input content format
Thanks a lot

I set it as integer and it now works :slight_smile: