Open a Website from an Image as a New Tab

Hi @emmanuel,

Regarding a feature request: for images that open to an external website when clicked, is it possible to have the external site open as a new tab?


You can put a link element with no text over the image. That’s currently the only element that will let you open a link in a new tab.


Shortly after using your Links chart I just happened to stumble on another way, but it doesn’t use the image element, sorry @R.Galbraith. I would (and currently do) use the method @romanmg suggested, it works great.
Tip: Put the image and link within a group to help make sure they stick together and stay the same size if you are using responsive pages

To open a link in a new tab you can also use the Text element. To do this, click the little ‘Rich Text Edit’ button below the text field editor input and use the link element in the rich text editor. However, this makes the specific letters open a link, not the whole element. Great for links within written paragraphs


Creative! I will try this. Thanks @romanmg!

Great! Thank you @gf_wolfer. I will try this.

Always the perfect answer!