Open URL In Another Tab

Hi all,

I am trying to use a text element to open a link in another tab, however the only open external link action opens it in the same tab which navigates the user from my app.

How can I open a link in another tab using an element?


I believe the only way is to use a link element to open in a new tab instead of using a workflow and action (it’s a constraint by the browser, not Bubble, I believe).

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I think the workaround is to create a link element that hovers over the element you want to open a new tab.

You can do what @sridharan.s told you
you can run javascript on click element:'', '_blank');


Great tip @yusaney1!

Definitely using that from now on, thanks @yusaney1!

Agreed with this. Just swap out the text element for a link element. Stylize how you see fit if you want it to resemble a text element.

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Just to give my $0.02 here, I’ve been using CSS tools to get a button to open a URL in a new tab using the workflow ‘Open in New Window’. I don’t have my computer right now for screenshots, but it should be quite straightforward.