Open.AI Assistants

With everything still being new, I am not really finding much on a solution.

I am building a chat bot using the Open.AI Assistants API, and I am trying to do so without having to store any of the threads or messages on my database, and just using the API data calls to display the messages on page.

Currently, I have a repeating group making a data call to display the messages from the thread. This is working great.

However, when the user submits a new message, and make a run the thread on OpenAI, I can’t get the updated messages to display. At least not without having to refresh the page.

I would like the repeating group to refresh without having to refresh the page. Does anyone know of a way to refresh the repeating group without having to refresh the page.

I tried the display data to the repeating group action, but that does not seem to be working.


There are ways, and have been discussed in past on the forum for updating a repeating group displaying an API call response in real time.

I think the solutions were about adding an unnecessary field to the call that would be the current date or something, so that Bubble would see the call as different when the date changes…try digging into a forum search and you might find a few threads on that.

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First, try Display list in repeating group.

If that doesn’t work, change one of the parameters in the Display list data source. It can be any parameter. Set it to Current date/time > Current date time+minutes 1:formatted as text. This expression will always evaluate to no. In the ‘no’ section of format as text, put the expression/text you previously had as the parameter.

Bubble needs to evaluate the Current date time expression every time the action runs so it can’t cache it and it should result in a new API call that provides the updated response.

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