Open AI GPT-3 Access

Hey friends,
does anyone have access to GPT-3 API by OpenAI?
We are interested to build a plugin for it, but our request to join beta is still not approved (applied in July)
Let me know please by commenting in this thread

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Have access, check Tutorial on how to integrate with bubble API connector here: (Paid Tutorial)

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How long did it take for you to get access to open ai?

It took a little less than a month. I did a youtube vid on how I went about getting access:

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Did you get access yet ?

I have a test app running this!!

Awesome, Iā€™m having issues getting the API to work

Took a few weeks for me. Need to use it more.

We have published the OpenAI GPT-3 plugin - šŸ§  Artificial Intelligence by OpenAI GPT-3 - New Plugin from Zeroqode