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Open external link from repeating group

Hello Bubblers,

I am trying to open an external link upon being clicked (from a repeating group).
Sounds straight forward? Yes, but somehow it keeps opening my apps website instead of the external link.
Who can find my mistake?

You have a to use a link element to do this, actions cannot open another tab because of browser’s rules.

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Somehow I can´t do it with a link element. I have managed to open the external website when I just use the text element. However, in this case, I can´t open it in a tab…
i´ll keep playing with it and let you know when I have figured it out:)
thank you:)

Hey Sophia :slight_smile: For the link element, did you enter the dynamic data into the external URL input (in the property editor)? It won’t open a new page if the dynamic data is only in text to display.

If you can get the link working, it’s worth having a read of this:

Have a play with the example in the section “HTML Links - The target Attribute”.

Sorry , I get you now. I don´t even do a workflow and it all works. Thank you, sometimes it just takes reading over it twice:)

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