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Hey guys. I currently have a bubble program, & I’m wondering how to make a button open a new tab. For example, I want the “penal code” button to open to the penal code in a new tab, but the “open an external website” action simply exits the application. If anyone knows how to simply make it open another tab please provide me all the steps needed, thank you!

You can use the plugin Toolbox and use the “Run javascript” function, in the javascript, you would enter the following:"");

You can use a link, rather than a button.
You can also do as @Profamii said above :slight_smile:

I would’ve recommended using a link but I know what type of app he’s creating which is why a button is most suitable for this.

Just put the link and the button in a group and the link above the button.

So, do I need that toolbox plugin? I have the JavaScript thing, can I just use that & do what you did?

I’m not good with these things, I’m personally good with workflow stuff. I don’t know how to do all that stuff.

He knows what app I’m doing, a button is more suitable, regardless, it would be harder to teach me how to use a link🤣

ALL SUPPORTERS, I have fixed it! I did what a supporter said about java script!!! Thank you all.

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Sorry I didn’t get to respond in time. You’re welcome!

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